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Founded in 2015 and located in Peterborough Ontario, Peterborough Academy of Circus Arts - PACA was the result of a group of individuals absolute love for circus arts and commitment to sharing circus with the world.


PACA Mission/Mandate:

to nurture the artistic livelihood of the region through education via recreational and social circus programs, as well as facilitate the creation of integrated arts productions.

  • Circus Classes & Workshops

  • Social Circus Programs

  • Live Performances

  • Recreational Circus Jams

  • Educational Circus Summer Camps

  • Student Showcases

  • Birthday Parties


About Peterborough academy of circus arts

Along with the fire/circus/aerial performance groups: The PyroFlys and Creatures of Flight, PACA a not-for-profit circus academy was formed out of a recreational circus jam. Since its creation, PACA has conducted: circus workshops, social circus programs, *sold out* spectacular circus productions, student showcases, educational circus programs,  and recreational circus jams.


Circus arts can be recreational, educational, or therapeutic. It can be done professionally or ‘just for fun.’ The practice of circus arts whether it be aerials, acrobatics, balancing or object manipulation has been linked to positive outcomes in physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth and development as well as aide in personal growth and self-actualization of participants.


PACA is pushing boundaries and redefining contemporary art and circus arts. Circus art is shaping the future of creative practice and performances, and flourishes with other cultural influences. Combining interdisciplinary practice of circus arts and circus equipment with dance, theatre, and any performance arts with cultural influences to the artists’ determination, the end result is a diverse array of unique, experimental approaches and collaborations of different concepts, forms and techniques of contemporary and interdisciplinary art.


PACA will help foster and sustain the appreciation, enjoyment, and permanence of circus arts in Peterborough and continue to make Peterborough a creative hub for circus arts in Ontario. It is PACA's goal to continue to offer local opportunities to artists and community members as well as continue to collaborate with organizations within Peterborough. Similarly to what Shakespeare did for Stratford ON, we hope circus arts can also have a positive influence on the future of Peterborough ON.

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Chairman of The Board

board members

Victoria Kopf

Jeffrey Cadence

Rosy Salcido-Schmidt

Board Member

Patricia *zupetal* Thorne

Creative Advisor

Kollene Drummond

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