Social Circus is a concept created and utilized by Cirque du Soleil and implemented by Cirque du Monde to help youth-at-risk. The Peterborough Academy of Circus Arts has taken that concept and brought it to life in Peterborough. PACA has worked hand in hand with organizations including the Youth Emergency Shelter, the Loft, and The New Canadians Center to reach out to the city's youth and help them connect with others, while building confidence, and resilience.

Social circus also focuses on teaching a new art form which can become a talent and/or passion. Although the classes are twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) on a drop-in basis many of the youth tend to make it a part of their weekly habit.

​​​​The Peterborough Academy of Circus Arts has been working in partnership with the Youth Emergency Shelter over the past year. Together the two organizations have been conduction a social circus program that specializes in helping youth-at-risk obtain circus skills while also gaining strength, durability, and confidence. Over the past months there have been many students drop in or come on a regular basis to train with the instructors from the Peterborough Academy of Circus Arts. There have been students not only from the YES shelter but also from the Loft, and the New Canadian's center as the program has opened up to reach more youth.